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Exhibitor & Car Club List 2017


The Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show 2017 boasted 350 specialist exhibitors and traders. Halls 7 to 12 of the NEC - 41,600sqm - were jam-packed with 130+ car clubs, over 150 Autojumblers and traders, specialist restorers and much more!

Using the boxes below, you can sort the list by the ‘Car Club’ or ‘New’ categories; or search for an exhibitor or club by name.


195 mph Limited

Stand 9-295



900 Club

Stand 12-420


AB Tools

Stand 4-420

Abrasive Solutions

Stand AJ-42

Accuspark Ignition Systems

Stand AJ-180

Aceville Publications Ltd.

Stand 10-010

Ado16.info International

Stand 9-660


Stand AJ-95

Aerospace Tools and Technology

Stand AJ-99

All Leather Jackets

Stand AJ-195

Allard Owners Club

Stand 11-110

Allegro Club International

Stand 9-730


Stand 8-513

American Auto Club UK

Stand 7-600

Andrew McAdams

Stand AJ-02

Andrew Swift Motoring Books

Stand AJ-146

Anglo American Oil Company

Stand 10-011

Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club

Stand 11-515

Arun Ltd

Stand 10-225

Ashtead Classic Cars of Kenliworth

Stand AJ-174

Astra Mk2 Owners Club

Stand 7-615

Atkinsons Bespoke Engineering Ltd

Stand 10-230

Austin A30 A35 Owners' Club

Stand 9-500

Austin Cambridge Westminster Car Club

Stand 9-400

Austin Counties Car Club

Stand 9-510

Austin Healey Club

Stand 11-215

Austin Maxi Owners Club

Stand 9-645

Austin Reproduction Parts Ltd

Stand AJ-77

Auto Finesse

Stand 9-370


Stand AJ-132

Automec Equipment & Parts Ltd

Stand 9-240

Avenger Sunbeam Owners Club

Stand 9-445


Baked For You

Stand CT-60

BB Engineering Supplies

Stand AJ-178

BC Car Parts Ltd

Stand 8-526


Stand 8-200

Beugler Paint Pinstriping Tools

Stand AJ-228


Stand 8-528

Birmingham Land Rover Group

Stand 12-430

Birmingham Mini Owners Club

Stand 9-640

Black Country Classic Car Club

Stand 7-130

Blockley Tyre Company

Stand 5-520

Blue Light Vehicle Preservation Group

Stand 7-715

BMW Car Club GB Ltd

Stand 11-230

Boost Solutions

Stand AJ-218

Boston Classic Car Club

Stand 9-020


Stand CT-58

Branson Automotive Ltd T/A Autoglym

Stand 9-165

Brian Murkin

Stand AJ-234

British Classic Car Parts

Stand 8-526

British Mini Club

Stand 9-560

Budlake Motoring Books

Stand AJ-71

Burning Rubber

Stand 11-010



Capri Mk1 Owners' Club

Stand 7-620

Capri Mk1 Register

Stand 7-205

Car Builder Solutions

Stand 9-280

Car Safe

Stand 10-001

Casada Health and Beauty

Stand 8-523

Cats Protection

Stand 8-525

Central Classic

Stand 10-013

Chapel End Cars

Stand 10-300

Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre Ltd

Stand 9-168

Chase MG Spares

Stand AJ-188

Chaters Motoring Booksellers

Stand AJ-16

Chicago Brand

Stand CT-97

CJ Autos (Heywood) Ltd

Stand 12-520

Classic Car Auctions

Stand 10-400

Classic Car Paints Direct

Stand CT-85

Classic Cars

Stand 10-110

Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions

Stand AJ-93

Classic Motor Monthly

Stand AJ-145

Classic Motoring Enamels

Stand CT-69

Classic Oils

Stand CT-98

Classic Silicone Hoses

Stand AJ-187

Classics by JSWL

Stand 8-501

Club Audi

Stand 7-800

Club Calibra

Stand 7-210

Club Triumph

Stand 12-310

Coolex Heat Transfer

Stand 12-660

Cooper Sport 500 Register & 2000 Mini Register

Stand 9-450

Corley Classics

Stand AJ-159

Corrado Club of Great Britain

Stand 7-700

Costco Wholesale UK Ltd-Birmingham

Stand 4-620

Countryside Gifts

Stand CT-16


Daimler SP250 Owners Club

Stand 11-322

Dave Stanford

Stand AJ-134

David Kingerley Classic Car Spares

Stand AJ-190

David Thomas Motoring Books

Stand AJ-52


Stand AJ-89

De Bowers

Stand CT-92

Derry O'Keeffe

Stand AJ-78

Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain

Stand 7-730

Devonshire Motor Company

Stand 5-451

Diecast Collectables

Stand AJ-144

Dionic Energy

Stand CT-15

Discount Workwear

Stand AJ-41

Dogs Trust

Stand 9-290

Double Tee Tools

Stand CT-55

Drovers Way Catering Ltd

Stand 5-100



Stand 8-515

Eileen & John Twinberrow

Stand AJ-193


Stand CT-13

Enthusiasts of British Motor Vehicles built before 1985

Stand 7-140

Enviro-Strip (GB) Ltd

Stand 4-310

Equipment 4 Garages

Stand 9-460

Eric and Anna Greenall

Stand AJ-15

Europa Spares

Stand CT-94

Everyman Classics

Stand CT-06

Ex Military Land Rover Association

Stand 12-510

Exact Trading

Stand CT-10

EZ Power Steering

Stand 10-120


Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

Stand 9-520

Fiat Coupe Club UK

Stand 8-320

Fiat Motor Club (G.B.) & Fiat Panda Club

Stand 8-225

Footman James

Stand 9-247

Ford 100e Owners Group

Stand 8-300

Ford Classic and Capri Owners Club

Stand 7-520

Ford Corsair Owners Club

Stand 7-515

Ford Granada Nutz

Stand 7-415

Ford RS Owners Club

Stand 7-110

Ford Sidevalve Owners Club Ltd

Stand 7-420

Fosseway Performance

Stand 10-121

Frisky Register

Stand 9-200

Frost Restoration

Stand 12-665

Furnace End

Stand CT-24

Furniture Clinic Ltd

Stand AJ-230


G&T Tools

Stand CT-26

Gavin Collinson

Stand AJ-198

Gay Classic Car Group

Stand 9-665

GB Classic trim

Stand CT-25

Gee Trac

Stand 5-317

Ginetta Owners' Club

Stand 11-415


Stand 7-840



Stand 12-018

Hamilton Classic

Stand 9-140

Haymoor Leisure

Stand CT-01

Heinkel Trojan Club Ltd

Stand 9-205

HERO Events Ltd

Stand 9-540

Hillman Owners' Club

Stand 9-440


Ian Kiernan

Stand AJ-160

Ian McGilvray

Stand AJ-156

Ian Webb Specialist Cars

Stand 10-310

Iconic Creations

Stand 8-345


J & S Artisans

Stand 8-534

Jaguar Drivers' Club Ltd

Stand 11-310

Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club

Stand 11-330

Jaguar XJS Club

Stand 11-320

Jaunty Jalopies

Stand AJ-139

Jay Pee Workwear

Stand AJ-222

JB Cutting Tools

Stand AJ-123

JCL Classic Spares

Stand AJ-128

Jeran Technology Ltd

Stand 5-117

Jetex Exhausts Ltd

Stand 8-524

John Boustead

Stand AJ-214

John Firth

Stand AJ-171

John Monkman

Stand AJ-236

John Walsh

Stand AJ-142

John's Carbooks

Stand AJ-01

Jowett Car Club

Stand 11-610

JSF Car Parts

Stand AJ-50


Kerbey Motors

Stand 9-470

KGS Cars

Stand 10-210


Lancaster Insurance

Stand 9-261

Lancaster Marketing

Stand AJ-102 & AJ-56

Land Rover Series 2 Club

Stand 12-500

Latifa International

Stand 9-380

LB Restoration Services

Stand 4-253

Leather Genie

Stand AJ-113 & CT-07

Leather Repair Company

Stand CT-89

Leather Solutions Yorkshire

Stand 8-540

Leicester Classic Car Enthusiasts

Stand 7-625

Lotus Drivers Club

Stand 11-430

Lotus Elite/ Eclat/ Excel Owners' Club

Stand 11-510


Maestro & Montego Owners Club

Stand 9-655

Mansfield Shockabsorbers

Stand AJ-05

Marcos Owners Club

Stand 11-425

Martrim Ltd.

Stand CT-80

Masonic Classic Vehicle Club

Stand 12-400

Matra Enthusiasts Club UK

Stand 7-640

Meguiars UK

Stand 9-365

Metro Owners Club

Stand 9-765

MG Car Club

Stand 12-410

MG Car Club ZED Register

Stand 11-012

MG FWD Register

Stand 9-760

MG Octagon Car Club Ltd

Stand 12-220

MG Owners' Club

Stand 12-200

Michael Chapman

Stand AJ-111

Michael Small

Stand CT-49

Michael's Wood Restoration

Stand CT-62

Midget & Sprite Club

Stand 12-325

Midland Vehicle Preservation Society

Stand 9-300

Midlands Austin Seven Club Ltd

Stand 9-405

Midlands Mini Club

Stand 9-565

Mike Kennington

Stand AJ-46

Millers Oils Limited

Stand 9-318

Millingtons Models

Stand AJ-196

Mini Y REGister

Stand 9-455


Stand CT-37

Minor LCV Register

Stand 9-330

Mirror Trim

Stand AJ-25

Morgan Sports Car Club Ltd

Stand 11-130

Morris Minor Owners Club

Stand 9-100

Morris Register

Stand 9-120

Moss Europe Ltd

Stand 9-160

MR2 Drivers Club

Stand 8-125

MX-5 Owners Club

Stand 8-130


National Motorcycle Museum

Stand 8-105

NCH Pure Solve

Stand CT-19

NDP Tools

Stand CT-44

Neales Super Products

Stand CT-104

Nield Engineering Limited

Stand 8-242

NK Trading

Stand AJ-43

Noisekiller Acoustics

Stand CT-23

Norfolk and Norwich Rover Owners Club

Stand 7-440

Norwich Classic Vehicle Club

Stand 7-240

Nos Ford Parts

Stand AJ-135

Number Plates 4-U

Stand AJ-96


Obsolete Car Spares

Stand AJ190

Old Ford Escorts

Stand 12-681

Online Austin Seven Club

Stand 9-425

Opel Manta Owners Club

Stand 7-710


Stand 10-003


P6 Rover Owners Club

Stand 7-220

Pam Woodruff

Stand AJ-67

Panther Car Club Ltd

Stand 11-300

Paul Dexter

Stand CT-74

Paul Walker

Stand AJ-177

Peak Tools

Stand AJ-184

Perana Owners Club

Stand 7-315

Period & Classic Caravan Club

Stand 7-720

Peter Copestick Autos

Stand AJ-87

Peter S. Taylor & Co Classic Car Insurance

Stand 9-385

Petrol Head Art

Stand 12-010

Picnic Retro

Stand AJ-151

PK Toys

Stand AJ-169

PK Veneering

Stand AJ-03


Stand 9-362

Pop Parts Plus Ltd

Stand AJ-232

Powerspark Ignition Ltd

Stand AJ-47

Practical Classics

Stand 9-145

Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club Ltd

Stand 12-100


Stand 10-100

Project Jay Preservation Group

Stand 12-425

PXC Prime Leather

Stand CT-102


QCC Car Covers

Stand AJ-173

Quick Start Direct

Stand CT-59


R H Insurance

Stand 9-327

R-Tech Welding Equipment Ltd

Stand 9-202


Stand CT-103


Stand AJ-224

Recycled Times

Stand CT-36

Rejel Automotive Ltd

Stand 9-190

Reliant Owners Club

Stand 9-745

Reliant Sabre & Scimitar Owners Club

Stand 9-740

Renault Owners' Club

Stand 7-820

Retro Wear

Stand CT-53

Richard Pegg

Stand AJ-141

RM Toys

Stand AJ-12

Roadtest Index

Stand CT-72

Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club

Stand 11-120

Rolux UK

Stand 9-163

Rootes Archive Centre Trust

Stand 9-420

Rover 800 Owners Club

Stand 7-225

Rover SD1 Club

Stand 7-540

Rover Sports Register

Stand 7-230

Roy Nunn

Stand AJ-117

Rustbuster Ltd

Stand CT-08


S&G Trading

Stand AJ-40

S&T Chrome Plate

Stand AJ-51

Saab Owners Club GB

Stand 8-210

Sarjay Products

Stand 12-020

Scenic & Continental Car Tours

Stand 10-006

Sealey Group

Stand 9-475

Shanette Sheds

Stand 9-470

Silver Lady Car Interiors

Stand CT-04

Simca Club UK

Stand 7-630

Skill Shack

Stand 12-730

Skoda Owners Club GB

Stand 8-120

Smart Tech Car Care

Stand CT-61

Snappy Raven Photo

Stand AJ-121

Sole Mates

Stand 8-537

Spalding Fasteners

Stand AJ-82

Spitfire Multispark

Stand CT-34

Spiyda Ltd

Stand AJ-06

Sporting Bears Motor Club

Stand 8-330 & Dream Rides

Stafford Vehicle Components Ltd

Stand CT-63

Stag Owners Club

Stand 12-300

Standard Motor Club

Stand 12-105

Stanners Heat Induction Systems

Stand 10-005

Steindl Prazionswerkzeuge

Stand 9-166

Steve Hunt Jaguar

Stand AJ-143

Steve Oliver Supplies

Stand AJ-175

Stewart Flett

Stand AJ-138

Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance

Stand 9-180

Stourbridge Pre-War Car Club

Stand 11-600

Strongman Tools

Stand 9-281

Sun Leisure Instant Shelters Ltd

Stand 4-300

Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club

Stand 9-010

Supreme Sausages

Stand 8-508


Stand CT-90

Sutton Antiques

Stand 8-514



Technix Rubber & Plastics

Stand 12-680

The Bug Club

Stand 9-750

The Crusty Pie Company

Stand 8-530

The Imp Club Ltd

Stand 9-410

The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club

Stand 11-420

The Mark Three Cortina Owners Club

Stand 7-410

The National Traction Engine Trust

Stand 8-100

The Nostalgia Shop

Stand CT-32

The Numberplate Centre

Stand CT-52

The Riley Motor Club

Stand 11-410

The Riley R.M. Club

Stand 11-210

The Rover 200 and 400 Owners' Club

Stand 7-120

The Rover P6 Club

Stand 7-430

The TT Store

Stand CT-41

The VX4/90 Drivers' Club

Stand 7-810

Toyota Enthusiasts Club

Stand 7-830

TR Drivers Club

Stand 12-330

TR Register

Stand 12-230

Transit Van Club

Stand 7-400


Stand 10-220

Triple X Trading

Stand 9-291

Triumph 2000, 2500 2.5 Register

Stand 12-115

Triumph Dolomite Club

Stand 12-320

Triumph Roadster Club Ltd

Stand 12-110

Turbo Trade

Stand AJ-19

TVR Car Club

Stand 11-220 & 11-011



UK Saabs

Stand 8-310

United Kingdom Probe Owners Club

Stand 7-215

Universatility Ltd

Stand AJ-116


Vauxhall Cavalier & Chevette Club

Stand 7-610

Vintage & Collectors Car Spares

Stand AJ-86

Vintage Metal Sign Works

Stand AJ-226

Vintage Racewear

Stand AJ-148

Volvo Enthusiasts Club

Stand 8-110

Volvo Owners Club

Stand 8-215


Walmley Classics

Stand AJ-04

Warren Johnson

Stand AJ-80


Stand CT-116

West Berkshire Classic Vehicle Club

Stand 9-310

West Midlands Allsorts

Stand 8-115

West Midlands Classic Car Club

Stand 11-500

Wheelbase Models

Stand AJ-157

William George & Co.

Stand 9-245

Wolseley Register

Stand 9-320

Wrights Auto Supplies

Stand AJ-97

Wroxall Abbey Hotel & Estate

Stand 8-510


Stand 9-415


X1\9 Owners Club

Stand 8-220

XCP Corrosion Technologies

Stand 8-500

XR Owners Club

Stand 7-100