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The Car Clubs

Welcome to the classic vehicle clubs with their stunning restoration and classic vehicle displays.  Classic vehicle clubs remain the life blood of the classic vehicle community. It is club members that work tirelessly to ensure these fantastic marques are not forgotten and remain on our roads as long as possible, so enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy our motoring heritage.

In 2017 more clubs than ever before showcased club vehicles in everything from 'barn-finds' through to concours condition.  Many were actively working on restoring or servicing vehicles on their stands during the show.  Over 130 clubs attended the 2017 event.

An ideal club stand display includes a vehicle in need of restoration, one being worked on at the show and one in excellent restored condition so that visitors can behold and interact with the whole restoration process.  We encourage all clubs to present some kind of demonstration of either a restoration skill or a regular maintenance/servicing activity at the show. 

The deadline for submission of club applications to be considered for a stand at PCCC&RS 2018 is 20th October 2017.  Complete your Club Application online at: www.research.net/r/PCCCRS2018CLUB

To see the list of 2017's attending car clubs click here